Using Demographic Targeting in AdWords

Using Demographic Targeting in AdWords

January 9, 2017 9:00 am

Online promoting is all about getting your supply in entrance of the fitting individual on the proper time. Keyword-based mostly search advertisements have lengthy been the gold commonplace for timing, as the buyer is signaling his intent just by performing the search. However, search engines, comparable to Google and Bing, didn’t, initially, seize demographic info of the searcher.

Then social networks got here alongside, beginning with Friendster and MySpace. Facebook now dominates social media. Regardless, these websites have been constructed round an id of an individual. Initially the advertisements on social networks have been rudimentary. There have been few concentrating on choices.

But now social networks let you goal based mostly on seemingly each demographic choice. From gender to age to location to job title to business to what sort of cereal you purchase — the choices are almost limitless for making certain that your advertisements are proven to the proper individual. But you continue to don’t know when social media customers want your services or products. So you’re pressured to blanket them with advertisements, hoping to be outstanding when the time is true.

The potential to mix buy intent from key phrase-based mostly advertisements with the demographic info of social networks is the Holy Grail of internet advertising. While no firm has utterly discovered the reply, Google has made essential strides.

Demographic Targeting in AdWords

First, I’ll tackle what demographic info Google is offering. It’s not fairly the Holy Grail, but. For Search, Display, and Video campaigns, advertisers can goal based mostly on Age and Gender. Here are the choices.


  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-forty four
  • forty five-fifty four
  • fifty five-sixty four
  • sixty five+
  • Unknown


  • Male
  • Female
  • Unknown

In a current dialogue with my Google rep a few shopper, we discovered that about forty % of searchers have been falling within the unknown class for each Age and Gender, with 60 % of complete searchers being categorised. He famous that 60 % was higher than most accounts, which usually are about 50 %.

So how, precisely, does Google find out about searchers’ age and gender?

How AdWords Determines Demographics

Demographic info is effective, partially, as a result of it’s troublesome to acquire. Therefore it’s necessary to know how Google obtains the info so we all know how a lot confidence to put in it. Here is the assertion from Google.

When individuals are signed in from their Google Account, we might use location alerts and demographics derived from their settings. Consumers can edit their demographic info by visiting Ads Settings. In addition, some websites may present us with demographic info that folks share on sure web sites, comparable to social networking websites.

For individuals who aren’t signed in to their Google Account, we typically infer their demographic info based mostly on their exercise from Google properties or the Display Network. For instance, when individuals browse YouTube or websites on the Display Network, Google might retailer an identifier of their net browser, utilizing a “cookie.” That browser could also be related to sure demographic classes, based mostly on websites that have been visited.

If you click on Ads Settings, you’ll be able to see what demographic information Google has about you, assuming you’ve a Google account. It’s a enjoyable train. Here is how Google has categorized me.

Once signed in to their Google account, consumers can see the demographic info Google has about them by clicking Ads Settings. Google's assessment of the author's age and gender is correct.

Once signed in to their Google account, shoppers can see the demographic information Google has about them by clicking Ads Settings. Google’s evaluation of the writer’s gender and age is right.

Google correctly notes my gender and age vary. However, a cautious studying of Google’s assertion exhibits that it infers demographic info — which means that if somebody reads loads of web sites which have largely feminine or older audiences, then that individual will get categorised as such. This is imprecise, so advertisers ought to mood their expectations accordingly.

Using Demographic Information in AdWords

Here are the steps to get that demographic information from Google in your personal AdWords campaigns.

First, navigate to one among your campaigns or advert teams in AdWords. Then choose the Audiences tab and click on the Demographics button.

Navigate to one of your most valuable campaigns/ad groups in AdWords, select the Audiences tab and click the Demographics button.

Navigate to one in every of your campaigns or advert teams in AdWords, choose the Audiences tab, and click on the Demographics button. Click picture to enlarge.

Once there, you’ll see a visible illustration of your demographic knowledge that features a drop down menu for Clicks, Impressions, and Conversions. This permits you to shortly determine the distinction in demographics between your clicks and impressions in addition to clicks and conversions.

But what do you have to do with that info?

What Does It Mean?

Here are a few easy examples.

If you’re seeing plenty of impressions from males however a decrease proportion of clicks, your advert copy could also be dissuading males from clicking. Perhaps you must modify your advert-copy-testing technique.

You additionally may discover many clicks from ages fifty five-sixty four and sixty five+ however not an analogous proportion of conversions from these teams. This could possibly be a purple flag that your touchdown pages have a problem. Perhaps the font is small and troublesome to learn for older customers or the imagery on the web page solely options younger individuals. If older clients are invaluable, this might enhance your touchdown web page execution.

Lastly, discover a column within the picture above labeled “Bid adj.” This column permits you to modify your bids up or down for particular demographic teams. If you recognize that your greatest clients are feminine, you’ll be able to select to bid, say, 25 % greater for these clicks. If your superb buyer is over forty five, then you would decrease bids on youthful demographic buckets. The Unknown bucket is telling you nothing. I see no purpose to switch bids for this class.

In brief, Google AdWords has demographic knowledge if you realize the place to look. It will help enhance your promoting outcomes.

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