Getting the Most from Amazon Sponsored Products

Getting the Most from Amazon Sponsored Products

November 29, 2016 6:05 pm

In “Are Amazon’s ‘Sponsored Product’ Ads Worth It?,” my submit final month, I addressed the essential workings and price of Sponsored Products. In this text, I’ll assessment ideas for getting probably the most from Sponsored Product advertisements, each for knowledgeable customers and first time advertisers.

Start with Auto Bidding

When you launch campaigns in Amazon, you’ve a selection between “Automatic concentrating on” and “Manual concentrating on.”

Amazon offers “Automatic targeting” and “Manual targeting” for its ad campaigns. Automatic targeting is better, initially, because it is difficult to know what search terms will match your products in Amazon Sponsored Products.

Amazon presents “Automatic concentrating on” and “Manual concentrating on” for its advert campaigns. Automatic concentrating on is best, initially, as a result of it’s troublesome to know what search phrases will match your merchandise in Amazon Sponsored Products.

Start with automated concentrating on. Per Amazon’s official notes in Seller Central, if you select “Automatic concentrating on” in your marketing campaign, you routinely bid on the highest related searches based mostly in your product info. With “Manual concentrating on,” you bid on the key phrases you select.

Automatic concentrating on is best as a result of it’s troublesome to know what search phrases will match your merchandise in Amazon Sponsored Products promoting, even when you have executed it for some time.

Once you launch automated-concentrating on campaigns, you can begin analyzing search knowledge, which Amazon will present. In Amazon’s Campaign Manager, click on in your Automatic Bid marketing campaign and also you’ll discover the “Download Search Term report” within the middle of the web page, above the bids of your advert teams.

From the Search Term Report web page, pull down a report of your search knowledge instantly, or schedule stories to run regularly.

On the Search Term Report page, you can manually pull down a report of your search data immediately, or schedule reports.

On the Search Term Report web page, you possibly can manually pull down a report of your search knowledge instantly, or schedule reviews. Click picture to enlarge.

Mine that knowledge for the search phrases that carry out properly. Filter for the phrases that led to product gross sales. Use that knowledge for “Manual concentrating on” campaigns, to safe extra worthwhile visitors.

Bid Levels

There is an oblique profit to Amazon Sponsored Products which will have an effect on your bidding technique.

For context, contemplate the large image. Unlike Google, an organization that primarily makes cash when advertisements are clicked, Amazon primarily makes cash when merchandise are bought. Until you promote a number of gadgets of a brand new product itemizing, Amazon doesn’t exit of its method to listing your product prominently in search outcomes. That is sensible — for Amazon. When you launch a brand new product, Amazon doesn’t have numerous knowledge to go on. Predictable income and predictable “revenue per pixel” is essential to Amazon.

Sponsored Products can jumpstart a brand new product’s visibility by establishing predictable promote-by means of charges in your product.

If you’re shopping for visitors with Sponsored Product promoting and, consequently, Amazon buyers purchase your product, Amazon will get knowledge a lot quicker in your product’s promote-by way of fee. If Amazon is conscious that your product sells nicely as soon as visitors hits your product web page, it is sensible for Amazon to belief you with extra prominence in its search outcomes.

This oblique profit to Amazon Sponsored Products impacts bidding technique. When you think about how the advertisements assist your general Amazon program, you maybe can afford greater bids when merchandise are new, and float the bids down over time.

‘Peel-and-stick’ Strategy

Not all search queries you goal have the identical worth to you, even when they’re triggered by the identical key phrase. A peel-and-stick technique could make the most effective out of much less useful visitors.

Review your search queries and take away (or “peel” ) them out of any advert group to place (or “stick”) them in their very own advert group. This is true not just for search queries which are clear winners and that promote your merchandise properly, but in addition for underperforming search queries. Put failing or mediocre search queries in additional flattering conditions, in order that they profitably add gross sales to your account.

Two main choices accomplish this: (a) Peel and stick to make use of extra applicable bids; and (b) Peel and stick to make use of extra applicable product touchdown pages.

Peel and stick for bids. Here’s an instance that demonstrates applicable bids for underperforming visitors.

Imagine that you simply’re bidding on “merino sweater” phrase match in Amazon Sponsored Products. Most of the time the visitors sells via in your product web page very properly.

However, think about that Kohl’s, Under Armor, and Banana Republic additionally promote merino wool sweaters, and your Sponsored Products intercept their visitors at occasions — however not all that profitably to you.

Imagine that when somebody varieties a type of model names plus “merino sweater” your Sponsored Product advert exhibits. Because you supply an engaging product, sometimes you do promote by way of if somebody clicks in your advert. This is true despite the fact that searchers clearly began out in search of one other model. You’re being profitable off this visitors. The alternative might be vital if correctly harnessed. However, the return on advert spend is just not sufficient to justify the advert value — the numbers on the Search Query Report present this.

In this state of affairs, the peel-and-stick technique presents an answer. Peel the underperforming model search queries out of that unique advert group, and stick them in a brand new advert group. Bid much less on the brand new key phrases than you’re within the unique advert group, to enhance return on advert spend. Use unfavourable key phrases within the unique advert group to dam the model visitors there, in order that solely your new advert group will present advertisements on the model visitors.

Peel and stick for touchdown pages. Continuing the sweater instance, think about nonetheless that you simply’re bidding on “merino sweater” phrase match and, once more, a lot of the visitors is sort of worthwhile.

The product you’re sending your phrase match “merino sweater” advert to is a grey, crew minimize, males’s merino sweater.

Now think about that a few of the visitors isn’t changing nicely as a result of very particular adjectives modifying “merino sweater” within the search queries. Here are three examples.

  • v-neck merino sweater”
  • blue merino sweater”
  • “merino sweater for ladies

Peel every of those queries out and stick it into a brand new advert group of its personal. Again, use adverse key phrases within the unique advert group to dam the undesirable visitors there, in order that solely your new advert group will present advertisements on these particular search queries. Reset the web page for every product to an applicable product you promote: a v-neck sweater, a blue sweater, or a ladies’s sweater.

It’s useful to attempt touchdown web page variants even when there isn’t a transparent mismatch, as within the instance above.

Say that you simply promote mattresses. If you ship your whole Sponsored-Product-mattress visitors that doesn’t specify mattress measurement to a queen-measurement mattress touchdown web page, as an alternative attempt sending to a full-measurement mattress for some time, to see if that sells higher.

Landing web page variants like that may make a distinction in conversion charges, thus enhancing your profitability with the Amazon Sponsored Products program.

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