Careless Product Descriptions Can Cost Big Money

Careless Product Descriptions Can Cost Big Money

October 23, 2017 5:59 pm

In relation to describing the merchandise you promote, it pays to make use of the best phrases — not simply one of the best set off phrases that encourage purchases, but in addition the right phrases by definition. Utilizing the flawed phrases to explain gadgets not solely makes a retailer look dangerous, it will increase returns and chargebacks. It might additionally land you in a heap of authorized hassle.

The Web is filled with articles outlining phrases which are generally misused. A instance is “I besides your supply” as an alternative of “I settle for your supply.” Some chalk up such errors as autocorrect errors, whereas others placed on grammar hats and name you out. However, what occurs if you use, by its definition, a improper phrase?

It disappoints the consumer.

Phrases matter, particularly when describing a product. So be certain you recognize what a phrase means earlier than utilizing it to explain something on the website.

For instance, a midi skirt falls under the knee, however above the ankle. A mini skirt is under the thigh and above the knee.

Mini skirt mislabeled as a midi skirt.

Asos mislabeled this merchandise as a midi skirt. The consumer might imagine the mannequin is simply too tall, however that is truly a mini skirt.

A hologram is the imprint that’s created throughout a recording of sunshine. A holographic is the three-dimensional picture that seems when mild hits the hologram. The 2 phrases — hologram and holographic — usually are not interchangeable, but many product descriptions deal with them as such. Science apart, consumers would anticipate a holographic sticker to look realistically 3D and reflective at totally different factors when hit by mild. If it doesn’t, use a unique phrase.

Sticker labeled as holographic, but it's not.

This sticker is described as being holographic, however it’s not. Utilizing the incorrect phrases can result in returns, chargebacks, and a lack of clients.

Typically, not figuring out the right way to spell a phrase makes for some humorous outcomes. Such is the case with a maternity prime discovered at Amazon. Discrete means separate and distinct. Right here, the vendor meant to make use of discreet, which suggests hidden in order to not name consideration.

A product that is discreet labeled as discreet.

It’s essential to know definitions and know methods to spell the phrase you’re defining. On this instance at Amazon, the vendor incorrectly used discrete, quite than discreet.

Authorized Hassle

Some phrases mirror a model or trademark, regardless of widespread utilization as a descriptor. VELCRO, for instance, is a model that produces a line of fastening merchandise. Utilizing “Velcro” to explain a product signifies that it makes use of the VELCRO model hook-and-loop fastener. In any other case, it might trigger hassle with a purchaser for making fraudulent claims, and with the VELCRO firm for infringing on its trademark.

There are literally thousands of trademarked descriptors, and it’s as much as you to be sure to’re not infringing on a model’s marks. Some widespread ones embrace Onesie (a child bodysuit), Koozie (a can cooler), and Kleenex (a facial tissue).

What if buyers use that trademarked time period to look? Log it in its place phrase in a hidden area for search functions.

A search for onesie brings up bodysuits.

At BuyBuyBaby, solely Gerber model Onesie merchandise embrace the time period Onesie. Others are labeled in a different way, however nonetheless come up in search outcomes.

One other, newer concern, is the time period “natural.” Solely merchandise which might be licensed natural and carry the right seal may be labeled, legally, as natural. But, many merchandise throughout the Web utilizing natural as a key descriptor.

Only label products organic if they are certified.

This merchandise at Amazon is labeled as natural, however it’s not. Make sure to search for correct seals and definitions when writing names and descriptions.


When the iPhone 7 was launched, many web sites stated it was waterproof. It isn’t, and this declare prompted a whole lot of stories websites to warn shoppers that it was solely water-proof.

You'll want to learn product specs rigorously. Simply because a product can stand up to mild rain or splashes of water doesn’t imply it’s waterproof. It extra possible is waterproof. The identical goes for weatherproof and climate resistant. Additionally, don’t confuse UV safety with UV resistant. The diploma of UV safety is proven as a proportion (and with out specifying, it’s anticipated to be one hundred pc). UV resistant merely means it is going to stand up to a while within the dangerous rays, however it can ultimately fade and break down.

Confused Buyers

Whereas you should use the right phrases to explain any line of merchandise, some phrases are sometimes misunderstood by buyers themselves. For instance, most name the tape on the vests utilized by nighttime development staff reflective tape, however it’s truly retro reflective tape. There's a huge distinction. Reflective tape acts as a mirror, so it sends the sunshine again out in several instructions. Retro reflective merchandise return the sunshine again to its unique supply. It’s the distinction between one thing being extra seen at night time and one thing that's precisely recognized.

Misunderstandings like this trigger dilemmas as a result of if somebody orders a product that's really reflective, he might imagine it’s retro reflective, as a result of he doesn't perceive the distinction. It’s the right time to show examples or charts, educating the consumer.

Reflective vs. retro reflective

For phrases misunderstood by the plenty — reminiscent of “retro reflective” and “reflective” — use the correct ones and educate the consumer. Picture:

Maintaining with product descriptions could be daunting. Once you take the time to know the merchandise, together with the phrases you employ to explain them, you're a step additional to promoting extra and worrying much less about returns, chargebacks, and claims.

If writing descriptions isn't your power, it is perhaps time to make use of a service or particular person to assist write copy that sells with out touchdown you in scorching water.

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