27 Free Animation Tools for Design

27 Free Animation Tools for Design

July 25, 2018 10:06 am

In “15 Tools for Animation,” I profiled straightforward-to-use animation instruments for content material marketing. However animation may also add design to a website, to reinforce the expertise of tourists.

Here's a record of animation instruments for design. There are plugins and libraries for easy transitions and results, in addition to platforms for complicated animations. All of those instruments are free.

Animation Instruments for Design

Lazy Line Painter is a jQuery plugin for SVG path animation. Merely drop your SVG file into the Lazy Converter and replica the code.

Lazy Line Painter

Lazy Line Painter

Animista incorporates a set of pre-made CSS animations to experiment with earlier than utilizing. Animate entrances, exits, textual content, background, or create flare to attract consideration.

Flubber is a library to offer a clean animated transition between two arbitrary shapes.

Shift.css offers a easy framework to construct timed, contained CSS animations. Inside the Shift Container, animate HTML, nested, and adaptive parts.

Animate.css is a set of cross-browser animations. Animate entrances and exits, in addition to results for consideration seekers: bounce, flash, pulse, rubberBand, shake, swing, tada, wobble, and jello. Use for emphasis, residence pages, sliders, and basic flare.



Popmotion is a JavaScript movement library. Animations embrace tween, spring, keyframes, decay, timeline, stagger, crossfade, line drawing, and extra.

Animo.js is a device for managing transitions and animations with JavaScript. Animo additionally contains a small library of plugins, every made to harness the facility of Animo.

Bonsai.js is a light-weight JavaScript graphics library with an intuitive graphics API and an SVG renderer.

Movement.ui. From Zurb, Movement UI is a library for shortly creating CSS transitions and animations. The core perform of Movement UI is to transition elements out and in. Apply these transitions to overlays, off-canvas menus, modals, and extra.

Motion UI

Movement UI

Snabbt.js is a minimalistic JavaScript animation library. It can translate, rotate, scale, skew, and resize your parts. The aim is to make a library that may let the consumer make clean animations while not having to know a lot about browser rendering.

Bounce.js is a software and JavaScript library for producing compelling CSS3 powered keyframe animations. Produce static keyframes to make use of with out additional JavaScript. To generate these on the fly, use the Bounce.js library.

Obnoxious.css is an animation set with 5 courses: shake it, intensifies, fontalicious, strobe, and tornado.

Rocket creates an animation when an merchandise is moved to a different factor. It consists of eight results, together with pulse, flip, circle, circle, and rotate.



CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet is a set of preset animations. Select from the entrances or quite a lot of miscellaneous results, together with bounce, pulse, floating, tossing, pull up or down, and stage left or proper.

Tuesday is a unusual CSS animation library. To pattern, merely choose entrances and exits, then click on animate

CSS3 Animate is a keyframe animation generator. Create quick and straightforward CSS3 keyframe animation in your browser with out utilizing any desktop software.

Tridiv is an internet-based mostly editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS.



Hover.css is a set of CSS3-powered hover results to use to hyperlinks, buttons, logos, SVGs, and featured pictures. Apply to your personal parts, modify, or use for inspiration.

Velocity.js is an animation engine with the identical API as jQuery’s animate. It really works with and with out jQuery. It's quick and options shade animation, transforms, loops, easings, SVG help, and scrolling.

SVG.js is a light-weight library for manipulating and animating SVGs. SVG.js has no dependencies and goals to be as small as attainable whereas offering shut to finish protection of the SVG spec.

Magic Animations, one other library of CSS3 particular impact animations, is a helpful for core motions.

KUTE.js is a JavaScript animation engine with a set of instruments to assist create customized animations. KUTE.js comes with a CSS plugin, an SVG plugin, an ATTR plugin, a Textual content plugin, a jQuery plugin — in addition to easing features, colour converters, and utility features. KUTE.js lets you create tweens and chainable tweens.



Choreographer.js is an easy library for sophisticated animations. Run animations based mostly on no matter measurement you need, resembling scroll place, mouse place, and time-stamp. Consists of two constructed-in animation features: Scale and Change.

Saffron is a set of Sass mixins and helpers that make including CSS3 animations and transitions a lot easier. Embrace a mixin in your Sass declaration, then set any configuration utilizing variables and mixin parameters.

Mojs.io is a cellular graphics software belt for the online. Mojs is quick and retina-prepared with easy declarative APIs. Create busting animations, bubble layouts, and extra.

Animae.js is a light-weight JavaScript animation library. It really works with CSS properties, CSS transforms, SVG or DOM attributes, and JavaScript objects. Use keyframes, play, pause, restart, and search animations or timelines. Further options embrace CSS transforms, SVG animations, easing features, and extra.

CSShake offers CSS courses to maneuver your DOM. The essential assortment incorporates eleven shake variations.



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